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Safety Information

Counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry has reached epidemic proportions. There have been numerous methods developed in an attempt to curtail the problem, but these attempts have met with little success.

Counterfeit drugs pose a public health hazard, waste consumers income, and reduce the incentive to engage in research and development and innovation.

Finally, counterfeit drugs may raise concerns among consumers about safety and reduce consumers medication adherence.

Patients can experience a variety of problems from the use of counterfeit drugs. The various scenarios depend on the ingredients that make up the counterfeit drug.

  • The first scenario is a counterfeit drug that contains no active ingredient or no harmful ingredients. In the case of the counterfeit drug that has no active ingredient, the drug fails to help the consumer to get better, which can ultimately harm the performance. In the case of performance drugs, for example - can promote resistance and the use of more of the same drug, because physicians would believe that the first-line of drug was not working, not knowing that the consumer had been taking a counterfeit drug.
  • A second scenario is that the counterfeit drug has no active ingredient and may have any number of harmful ingredients, including bacteria. Which no need to discuss that all this can lead to harmful infections.
  • Another scenario is that of a wrong drug used in the counterfeit product. Which is affecting consumers performance results dramatically, for example – there are many cases of Methandrostenolone was used instead of Oxandrolone. Or in Trenbolones line were mixed with Testosterones and added harmful dyeing agent to get same colour.
  • One other scenario involves a counterfeit drug that contains the wrong concentration or wrong dose of the actual substance. Which leads to wrongful usage of the drug and not getting expected results or overdosing leading to side effects.

In general, counterfeit drugs create uncertainty, confusion, and doubts about the value of the real drug and may lead to the use of alternative, less-desirable brands.

Always check your source and make sure you are getting GENUINE products.

HELLAS - PHARMA wants to Thank You for making the right choice, and wishes all the best by achieving Goals and Improving Performance.


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