Check the authenticity of Hellas - Pharma products before use.

Beware of Counterfeiting

Products of Hellas-Pharma has holograms, check codes, and uses special packaging material, that only products produced by Hellas - Pharma will have. is the only legit site. Please feel free to report all websites or social media sites, which causing your concerns.

Fake website and social media include the following:
FAKE Website:

FAKE Facebook:
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FAKE Instagram:
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How to identify counterfeit product:

  • The cap on vials must have clear orange HELLAS - PHARMA writing on them
  • Each box contains QR code. Scanning QR Code on the box must link to ONLY!
  • All Hellas Pharma products has Security Holograms and Check Codes
  • Our system will notify you, if check code has been checked multiple times.
  • Word HELLAS is embossed in a box wall and applied in silver foil.
  • Hellas - Pharma logo is embossed in each box and applied in silver foil.
  • Each Hellas Pharma product comes with Consumer Medication Leaflet.
  • Each box of Hellas Pharma products has inside printed, unique to Hellas – Pharma ONLY.

Trust only official distributers, any required info or to check if distributer legitimate contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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